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Find an Excellent Tax Attorney for the People – Atlanta, GA

You don’t need to be a business owner or to be someone wealthy to need a legitimate tax lawyer. You may find it a pain to prepare taxes, and everything can be stressful and confusing. You may even face problems such as paying debts, late filings, fighting audits, and more.

Fortunately, you don’t need to struggle when finding an attorney for the people to address the issues that you are experiencing. In Atlanta, Georgia, there are lots of lawyers that offer their services to you. Choosing the wrong one can lead to more headaches, and they might not even be legitimate. Problems with the law may pop out if you are not careful.

Where to Start Looking

Choosing the right one that will make your work and life more comfortable is a challenge. In Georgia, some accountants can do everything, sort of a jack-of-all-trades. There are competent lawyers such as the ones in Cumberland Law Group - tax attorney that can help you whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation.

A good start is to find a trusted lawyer in your area because he knows the legislation and laws involving taxes in your specific state. This way, you can move forward smoothly and get this over and done in the smoothest way possible.

What Does a Tax Attorney Do?

Tax attorneys specialized in handling business and personal income taxes. They can serve as financial consultants and legal advisers as well. They have completed a bachelor’s degree in accounting, trade, or finance. They have furthered their studies by completing a law degree and passing the bar exam. They have licenses to practice the laws of any state.

There are certain situations where you may need them. Since they are trained in a variety of financial conditions, they can defend and represent you in court if the prosecution refers to money matters. They are essential in acquitting you and help you avoid jail time.

Some attorneys can help you in removing tax liens on your business assets. You can know more about liens in this link here. If you are an individual preparing your taxes, you can avoid wage garnishment. Wage garnishment is a process where a court will order your employer to withhold your paycheck when you are prosecuted. The court will order a minimum amount of money to be sent to the person whom you owe a certain amount of money every payday until your debts are all paid off.

If you are a business entity, the attorney can prevent freezing or levying your bank accounts because of a tax-related issue. This means that you can still continue to operate until the problem is resolved in court.

Another way that the lawyer can help you is with IRS audits. The IRS can do random inspections on any business on any given day. When you are being audited, you have the right to have a legal representation to ensure that everything goes smoothly. You will have an advocate that will speak with the IRS, and he will understand what is needed to be done so that everything goes smoothly.

They will finalize any financial tasks, plan your estate, and help you with wills and funerals. In a professional’s assistance, you will be able to delegate your wealth to the right people. You can designate someone you trust to oversee your business once you are gone.

How to Choose a Qualified Tax Lawyer

There are specific criteria that you should know when choosing an attorney. Read more about hiring the right lawyer here: https://www.wikihow.com/Decide-if-You-Have-Hired-the-Best-Attorney-for-Your-Issue. As you choose plenty of professionals in Georgia, you may want to screen them and see if they are the right people to help you. The first is if they have the right background to do the job. You need to know if they have licenses, passed the bar exams, and they have the proper credentials to represent you in court.

The second criterion is their experience. Choose someone who had plenty of experience handling cases similar to your business’ situation. A bonus is if the attorney keeps his licenses up-to-date, and they also ensure that they know the updated financial laws in your area.

Why Is It A Must to Hire an Attorney?

You may wonder why you need an attorney to represent you. The main reason is that they are trained to speak in court, and they can get you out of nasty situations. Your business, financial status, and your clients are at stake, so you should take these matters seriously. The professionals will be able to take such issues such as:

  • IRS Audits
  • Criminal Investigations and Charges
  • Handling Communications especially to IRS
  • Manages CP Notices Indicating you Owe the IRS money
  • Planning for Estate, Business, and Inheritance Matters

They can also help you in cases where you are entitled to refunds. They can make calculations and claims on situations such as:

  • Credits for Earned income taxes
  • Contributions to Charity
  • Child Care
  • Small Business Expenses

As you screen your choices, you might wonder what the traits of excellent attorneys out there are. The first thing to look at is their capability in handling matters of taxes that are similar to yours. You need the assurance that you are hiring someone who can help you win in any court, and they can spare you from financial problems. Look for someone knowledgeable with the tax codes in Georgia can also provide you with a significant advantage in court.