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Things You Should Know About Orlando Bail Bonds

Either of us may end up in prison, on our own, or someone else's fault. When you are suspected or accused of a crime, the police arrests, and criminal proceedings are instituted against you. In the meantime, until all this comes to the court, you are in jail. And the period from arrest to the first appearance in front of the judge may take a while.

The law allowed the option of releasing from jail until starting a trial. It enables localities to determine the amount of bail at which you will get out of custody. That's the price you'll pay if you want to wait for a trial on freedom.

Many things affect the amount of the bail. If you have the money to place a downpayment, you have solved most of the problems. However, some people just can’t afford their freedom before trial. For them, there is the option of seeking a loan from family, friends, or lending agencies. Or they can hire a bondsman. Learn more about it here.

What Bail Bondsman Do?

Hiring bail bond agents is the best solution if you will be honest and obey the law. They will make a 'promise' to the court that you will respect the criminal proceedings, and that you will appear in trials. Of course, this 'promise' is, in fact, a specific type of written contract, where the bond dealers guarantee for you with their name and reputation.

Since they act as a surety for you, you need to provide some pledge. It's a way of securing that you'll stick to the deal. If you don't respect your agreement, you'll lose the assets you placed as collateral. So before deciding on hiring a guarantor, be aware of the details of their service.

Assets to Place as Collateral

What will be the value of bail depends most on what crime you have committed and whether you have a criminal record before. This amount determines which assets can be accepted as collateral. For downpayment up to a couple of thousand dollars, guarantors accept jewelry, credit cards, cheaper vehicles, securities, etc.

Bail for more serious offenses is often five-digit and six-digit amounts. Luxury vehicles and real estate are most commonly used to secure the downpayment, though if you have jewelry or stock at that value, agencies will accept these too.

Benefits of Using This Service

Legal processes are often very complicated, and any professional help is welcome. Experienced agencies dealing with bail bonds Orlando, who understand the law and your rights, can be of great help, especially with all that paperwork.

Years of work in this business brought a certain reputation to these agencies in court. They can use that eminence to speed up your release from prison and even the entire trial process (but this depends on what you are accused of).

Even when you have the money to place the downpayment for yourself, it may not be a bad idea to seek bail bonds. Often, the judges can investigate the origin of the money you give for your freedom (we are talking about a few hundred thousand dollars or so). When you go through a bail agent, you can 'bypass' this unpleasant procedure.

Things to Ask before Signing the Agreement

Going through the process of releasing from custody through a bail bond company is a more affordable solution than paying your bail in full. But, there is no refund even when you stick to the deal - because you are not bailing but paying a bond dealer fee (around 10% of the estimated amount).

Find some tips below on finding a reliable bondsman:


Ask well about the pledge you give. Basically, if you stick to the agreement, your assets (collateral) will remain yours. Otherwise, failure to appear in the trials, or even escape, can lead to a new proceeding against you, and, of course, forfeiture of the assets you have pledged to the bond agency.

Hiring a bond dealer is the safest and fastest way to get out of prison. You don't have to borrow money from friends, relatives, or lending companies, so working with bail bondsmen also preserves your family and friendship relations.