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The Notary Dilemma: Should I Use a Mobile Notary?

There are many different Notary Public services available to each of us. Lawyers will provide this service for their personal clients or for someone that walks in to the office. However, you can bet the cost will be steep. There are clergymen that can do the Notary task as well, yet sometimes there may be a conflict of interest in the type of document that needs to be witnessed. Then there are doctors, who can and will sign off a form for you like any other Notary. The problem there is that they are in the same position as a lawyer; the cost may be steep.

So what type of Notary do you need for your document to be signed? This depends on what type of document you need witnessed. There are different types of notaries with different qualifications. Where one can sign off on a document, another may not be allowed to. This is where it can become very tricky; do you have to go out and search for one?

Absolutely not!

There is a fantastic alternative to this problem, known as the Mobile Notary Public. If, for example, you are unable to leave your home due to medical constrictions, or perhaps you’re too busy to drive to a Notary, this is the type of Notary you will want to utilize. Simply find a Mobile Notary company online that has 1000’s of mobile notaries in their database, like www.udxdirect.com. Not only will the Notary come to you, but if you go through a Mobile Notary company, they will be sure to send out a Notary that specializes in your documents. No more hassles - everything is taken care of at your home or office!

The fees will vary according to the individual that is dealing with your forms and the type of documents. Other than a minor traveling fee that covers the miles from their office to your home, there are no hidden costs. This allows virtually anyone the opportunity to have an important document dealt with regardless of his or her situation or circumstances.

Where as some Notary offices may be hard to find or difficult to get to, the Mobile Notary Public is the perfect solution for this problem. This is the answer for many people that do not have the means to get around very easily or who work Monday through Friday and can’t leave work to visit with a Notary. Why waste time locating a Notary closest to you when there are Mobile Notary companies who will do all the work for you? Mobile is definitely the best option.

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