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Interior Minister: Notary Public Offices should be a true public service

Proposed amendment to the Law on Registry and Notary Public Offices seeks a transparent system and an actual public service, Minister of the Interior and Justice Jesse Chacón said.

Chacón went on Wednesday to the National Assembly (AN) Domestic Policy Committee. There, he submitted to deputies the draft prepared by his ministry.

The minister thinks that the state should further mechanisms to prevent any void resulting in corruption. In his opinion, the current Law on Registry and Notary Public Offices does not contain appropriate administrative and financial surveillance tools. Also, there is legal hiatus allowing for the discretionary action of public servants and abuse of authority.

As management in these offices is not standardized, “all of them have a black hole and nobody knows what is in there.”

Every Notary Public manages his/her office at will, registration of documents is ineffective, there is no a yearly planned budget and no training program, he reasoned.