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Notarizing the Best of Both Worlds

A notary public with a very busy practice can find themselves in tense situations at times.  The emotional decisions that surround matters that require them to witness the signing of documents that give the power of attorney can fuel tensions among family members that cause divisions that will last for years.  Even notarizing routine loan documents for real estate transactions will cause parties to leave the table in tears when the refinance goes against the wishes of some family members.  Thought one might tend to think being a notary means being witness to the best of times, many know that is not always the case.  That’s why it’s important for those in the notary business to look for reasons to feel good.  A sure way to accomplish this is by doing something nice for someone you love.  Like your mother.

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Not all notary assignments are glum.  There are times when the joys of parenthood begin with the notarization of adoption papers for some couples.  If your state allows notaries to perform weddings, those can be joyous times as well.