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Marketing Strategies that a Lawyer Office in Rockford and other Firms Should Consider

Content marketing is a key factor for attracting clients to any business. Every business therefore, including law firms must use the right marketing strategy to survive in today’s market place.

Similar to other firms in the business sector, law firms like Marriett Legal law office  need to invest in initiatives that will help them achieve their well-defined purposes. They also need to invest on money and time in generating the right content marketing strategy to build their client base. Here are five strategies that law firms can use to attract more clients.

  1. Generating a Promotion Strategy

One key feature of content marketing that a law firm should never ignore is generating a great marketing strategy. Over the years, content marketing has grown remarkably, which means that firms can no longer depend on the maxim “generate content, post it online, and reap huge success.” Law firms must utilize the various advertising methods including owned, earned and paid media.

Law firms must also realize that “content promotion” is more than just publishing on personal social media accounts. Studies have shown that engaging audience on personal social media accounts never reach more than 10% (actually, only 10% of your followers notice your posts).  

That is why having a great content marketing strategy must include paid social media such as Sponsored updates and Promoted Tweets. The current content driven domain requires more than organic promotional strategies to yield substantial results; pay to get your content to your intended audiences.  Check for additional info: https://www.wikihow.com/Market-a-Law-Firm

  1. Know Your Prospective Client’s Journey

A law firm that plans to create appropriate content needs to know whom they are writing for, and the specific needs and wants of the persons.

For example, if your target audience is victims of motor vehicle accidents, you should create pages that show that you:

  • Understand and sympathize with their problems.
  • You are the solution to their problems.

Your content will include the need to protect the victim and family and the approach needed to resolve the case.

Your content can be in the form of articles, blog posts, videos, etc., whatever the format, ensure that you meet the needs of your prospective clients by posting content that will be useful and relevant as they navigate their legal issues.

Audience profiling techniques include customer ecosystems, buyer personas, and customer journey maps. All help to determine the specific content your clients need, but you must determine how you will get it to them efficiently.

  1. Generating Content that is Visually Engaging

Many lawyers are of the opinion that visual content is inappropriate for law firms. This is not true. Consumers today are choosing visual content rather than straight text.   

Remember too that many of your potential clients will be hiring a lawyer for the first time, so minimize legal jargon, and use simple language.

Instagram is a social network where some firms are beginning to post content. Instagram allows the audience to get to know the people behind the brand.  You can use Instagram to highlight the corporate culture of your firm and it allows you to add images easily to other social media platforms as well.

Law firms must include videos in their content marketing approach. You can upload appropriate content regularly on your YouTube channel: beneficial video FAQs and videos for every phase of the client’s journey. By posting relevant informative videos, your law firm will entice the intended prospective clients.

You can post snippets and videos, which will enable your firm to interact with the platform. If you need to have digital presence on popular websites such as YouTube, then you should utilize SEO strategy.  More about visual content here

  1. Decide your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Keywords

Writing for your target audience is your main objective, but your visibility on popular search engines is also of equal importance. You can achieve this by conducting adequate research on the keywords linked specifically to your niche. This allows you to be knowledgeable about words and phrases used regularly by your target group, which will improve the visibility of your content on popular search engines.

  1. Ask Your Clients for Feedback on Your Content

Knowing your clients’ and prospective clients’ areas of concerns and posting content regularly that speak directly to their concerns, will help you to see the mounting levels of engagement. Therefore, it is good to encourage individuals to like your posts and share them.

A Higher engagement leads to improved brand visibility on the internet – and it drives traffic to your website. It is important to make people look at your content, but you should monitor their comments and feedback on the topics you write.

It is important to ask satisfied customers for testimonials. Positive reviews on your website help potential customers to choose your law firm instead of the competition.

If you use these five factors in your content marketing strategy, you will engage more clients and so, generate added revenue for your law firm.